Landon Getz

Director of Internal Operations

+1 217 768 4930


After graduating from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a bachelor’s degree in communications, Landon began a career in banking, finance, and lending, which he pursued for 8 years.

Using his background in finance and communications, he is now responsible for the accounting and marketing departments at DIGS Associates. Landon also has a creative skillset that contributes greatly to our advertising and marketing efforts. He grew up in Mt. Zion, IL where he currently resides with his wife and daughter. Landon enjoys spending time with his family and friends and is an avid baseball fan.

DIGS Associates is a seasoned team of specialized experts and management consultants offering a groundbreaking approach to drainage water management. Our team implements the most equitable, efficient, and sustainable solutions that help increase your profitability and stewardship. We empower you to grow stronger by making informed decisions through innovative solutions rooted in integrity.